Top 3 Atheist Doppelgängers

Dawkins, probably thinking about his possible doppelgängers.

Dawkins, probably thinking about his possible doppelgängers.

Do you think any famous atheists look like celebrities?

Prepare yourself for some great look-alikes. The last one is really magic.

3. Daniel Dennett

I think philosopher Daniel Dennett is a pretty easy call. He looks like he moonlights as Santa Claus.

Daniel Dennett and Santa Claus

Dennett isn’t the only person who looks like Santa Claus, of course.

Charles Darwin also makes a pretty good one.

Charles Darwin is Santa Claus

Bruce McAdam created this wonderful picture of “Darwin Claus.”

It’s important to mention, though, that Darwin was not an atheist. Scholar Nick Spencer explains that Darwin was an agnostic:

Darwin was thus an atheist with regard to the Christian God, but not an atheist period. His beliefs fluctuated during the last three decades of his life. . . . Darwin was not simply agnostic in the sense of not knowing whether or not there was a God. He came to doubt whether the human mind, being evolved from that of a “lower” animal, could know such things.

While Darwin wasn’t an atheist, I still had to include him in this post after I found his Santa picture.

2. Sam Harris 

Next up is Sam Harris, who bears a remarkable resemblance to actor Ben Stiller.


I’ve heard this comparison for years, but I just saw a slightly different take on Harris’s doppelgänger. Does Harris look more like a combo of Ben Stiller and actor Seth Green?


This comparison is pretty good.

1. Richard Dawkins

This last one will blow your mind. What magic is this?!

Richard Dawkins turning into Emma Watson

When I first saw this GIF of Dawkins and actress Emma Watson, I was a little surprised:

Mind Blown

What do you think of these comparisons?

Do you have any other good ones to share?

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