About J&D

This is not your usual dense, boring blog about theology, atheism, and science. Yale and Duke degrees, combined with a passion for improv comedy and pop culture, brought me down this path. It’s time to open up conversations on these important topics to everyone. Verbosity isn’t a virtue.

My goal is to become the Bill Simmons of atheist/Christian dialogue. Here, you’ll find the latest news presented in an understandable way—and sprinkled with attempts at humor. I have several categories:

  • Mailbags, with responses to your questions and thoughts.
  • Concise reflections that generate challenging, yet respectful, debates in the comment section.


I chose the name Jesus and Dawkins after seeing Surian Soosay’s incredible picture of the two, which I cropped a bit on the homepage. As you can see above, I have also met Richard Dawkins. Oh, and I’m the guy closing his eyes in the picture.

(I don’t have Richard Dawkins’s endorsement or any kind of official connection to him. I just appreciate him bringing atheist/Christian dialogue to the public square. My hope is to generate honest dialogue about Christianity, atheism, and science. )


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