2 Matthew McConaughey Parodies & My Take On Interstellar

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey. (Photo, sans cropping: Avda)

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan‘s latest film, debuted last week. Find out my thoughts on it.

More important, though, check out these two hilarious McConaughey parodies.

1.) Matthew McConaughey’s rise from rom-com staple to Oscar winner has astounded many. Some genius labeled his meteoric ascent “the McConaissance.” Our first video explores this transformation, imitating a scene from True Detective. (WARNING: this video has strong language.)

2.) McConaughey filmed a series of super serious Lincoln commercials recently. Check out Jim Carrey‘s brilliant parody of these TV spots.

Now that we’ve covered the important stuff, I have a few quick thoughts on Interstellar. (Spoilers ahead!)

The film is beautiful—and nearly three hours long. It feels longer than this video of Chuck Norris staring at you.

Parts of the plot make almost no sense. I can’t wait for the Screen Junkies guys to make an “Honest Trailer” for this movie. For a great example of their work, check out the Honest Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

For a movie about humanity’s possible extinction, there’s almost no talk about God. Well, there’s not much straightforward  God-talk. There’s a great Atlantic article about the film’s interaction with religious ideas, and how it uses space to explore our deepest questions: Interstellar Isn’t About Religion (and Also It Is Totally About Religion).” Megan Garber‘s analysis in this piece is excellent:

So filmmakers have developed a canny way to talk about religion in movies without actually, you know, talking about it—allowing themselves to explore the biggest of life’s questions and ideas while avoiding “Uncomfortable Conversations.” Their method involves a political safe space: space itself.

The whole article is worth reading.

Bottom line: Interstellar is a fun film, but it’s not my favorite Nolan movie. (I’m looking at you, Memento.)

What do you think of these videos and Interstellar?

3 thoughts on “2 Matthew McConaughey Parodies & My Take On Interstellar

    • Thanks for the comment! I found a helpful list of some of the plot holes. (9, 10, and 15 bothered me the most: the plan “they” had, the black hole, and the ending.)

      That being said, I’m still glad I saw the movie. And I’m still a huge Nolan fan.

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  1. Ah… Thanks for the reply. I thought the list a bit smarmy and sarcastic, (stupidity maquerading as wit), but that’s EW for you… I sympathize with your mentions of 9,10, and 15; but really, they are all explained sufficiently enough for me in the film itself.


    Regarding #9: Cooper perceives that though “they” can set up the tesseract, “they” have a harder time pinpointing a specific moment in time in which to communicate. Why that should be, I don’t know, but I’m fine with a little mystery.
    Regarding #10: We honestly don’t KNOW a lot about black holes. Only recently have we become reasonably sure they exist at all… Also, Brand has a lengthy expositional piece explaining why this particular black hole MAY be penetrated…
    Regarding #15: I accept the reason given by Murph herself, “no parent should have to watch their child die”. I know I wouldn’t want to. It’s also already established that he is not at all content on the station after a few weeks and is more than ready to “get back out there” as it were…

    Just a few thoughts, but I find that most of the complaints I’ve heard against the film were either from people who didn’t really pay that close attention, or folks who simply aren’t well acquainted with some of the more theoretical science involved. The most “WTF” reactions I noticed in both my viewings were in regard to the tesseract (a concept I’ve been reading about since the seventies)… All just my opinion of course- the great thing about film is it’s subjectivity! 🙂

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