Weekly Buzz: 11/24/14

Rob Bell TV Show

Rob Bell. (Photo, sans text: Paul Williams)

This week’s buzz features a Machiavelli video game and a preview of Rob Bell’s new TV show—on Oprah’s channel.

“The Origins of Aggressive Atheism”

A recent Atlantic article looked at a new book on atheism, Atheist Awakening: Secular Activism and Community in America. (The book comes out December 1st.) Emma Green‘s article makes a great observation:

But there’s also a sense, at least in reading Atheist Awakening, that derision toward faith among outspoken atheists is partially a product of accumulated bitterness. “It is hard not to come to the conclusion that atheists have spent a far greater deal of time thinking and writing about religion than religious people ever have of atheists as a group,” the authors write.

Check out the whole piece. It’s a brief, helpful take on contemporary atheism.

“The Dying of the Brights”

That’s the title of Matthew Becklo‘s new essay at Strange Notions. (He analyzes New Atheism’s decline.) More important, though, it sounds a lot like Nic Cage‘s next movie: Dying of the Light. It comes out December 5th!

What’s the movie about? Well, Cage plays a CIA agent . . . OK, sounds like it has some great Cage freak out potential . . . who starts going blind during his last operation. Excellent. Watch the trailer below.

“Who Was Machiavelli? – 8-Bit Philosophy”

The brilliant folks at Wisecrack just released another hilarious, informative YouTube video. It’s short, and it explains Machiavelli by turning his ideas into a video game. Watch it below. You’re welcome.

“The Rob Bell Show”

Bell just finished touring with Oprah, Deepak Chopra, and Elizabeth Gilbert. In the words of Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, “Stop smiling, it’s not a joke.”

Bell’s appearance on Oprah’s “Life You Want” tour is something even John Piper wouldn’t have predicted.

For proof of this tour, watch the first video here.

But wait. There’s more. “The Rob Bell Show” is coming to the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) next month. It debuts December 21st at 8PM. Perhaps you’ve heard about this development, but I doubt you’ve seen a preview for it. Jonathan Merritt has the promotional clip — and more details — here.

What do you think of this week’s buzz? Did you like the 8-bit philosophy? 

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