Thomas Kuhn, Action Hero

Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions author.

Thomas Kuhn was a physicist, philosopher of science, and historian. He authored The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, one of the “most influential books of the 20th century.” (If you haven’t read it, you should.)

His legacy was rather suspect, however, until someone asked an obvious question: “Can we turn The Structure of Scientific Revolutions into an action movie?”

I have two important thoughts after watching this trailer:

  1. Was that a Rammstein song?
  2. Action hero Kuhn has an interesting way of staying hydrated.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Kuhn, Action Hero

  1. I reached the presidency, wrote several books, and won the nobel prize. After this video, it doesn’t matter anymore. My life is on hold until I either buy a motorcycle and learn to kickbox, or else learn to post videos as crushingly intense as this one … a video that shows the ultimate relevance of Thomas Kuhn to most of the questions that are bewildering to politicians, scientists, and theologians. The philosophers have it figured out, but they are generally distracted by conferences. And then, there is Dick Cheney. I only mention Dick Cheney because he recently made me angry, and I am not an angry man.

    Thanks for the post.



  2. P.S. Barfield, whose FB congressional race failed, has agreed to be my cover on this blog. Please don’t go telling anyone … you know, buddies, classmates, the NSA, etc etc. Thanks. And keep up the good work. At some point I will say something substantial. Just not yet. We are courting.


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