New Exodus Trailer, Starring Christian Bale!

Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings


John Connor.


Christian Bale has played all of these heroes in his movies. This year, he’s adding Moses to the list.

You have to watch the brand new trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The film, coming December 12th, depicts the biblical story of Moses: an Israelite prophet leads his enslaved peers out of Egypt.

(Speaking of Egypt, did you catch Cameron’s Moses reference in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? If not, you’re welcome.)

Ridley Scott, of Blade Runner and Alien fame, directed the new movie. Bale’s not the only big star, though. Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, and Joel Edgerton round out the impressive cast.

It’ll be interesting to see Scott’s take on Moses and the Exodus story.

It’ll also be interesting to see the buzz the movie provokes about the Exodus itself. Did it really happen? For an incredibly objective take on this complicated issue, see a fantastic interview with Carol Meyers, a famous Duke scholar.

Bale’s new role reminds me of another great actor who played Moses: Charlton Heston, in The Ten CommandmentsWhat happens when you combine scenes from Heston’s old movie with 10 Things I Hate About You, Nelly, and Samuel L. Jackson? Find out for yourself. (Warning, this hilarious video features one four-letter word!)

By the way, I’m listening to the real soundtrack for The Ten Commandments right now. Sorry I’m not sorry.

What do you think about these movie trailers?

Do you want to see Exodus: Gods and Kings

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